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1.    Player Rotation and Positioning:

·      Defense will consist of 9 players. 

·      No player shall sit two times before every player sits once, except for disciplinary reasons. And so on… 

·      Free substitution with continuous batting order.

2.    Coaching

·      The coaching staff includes 1 Manager and no more than 2 assistant coaches. All must have undergone a background check.

3.    Batting and Running

·      Continuous batting order must be used in all games.

·      No slash bunting. Players who fake bunt and then swing will be called out.

·      If a player who appears in the lineup is injured or becomes ill, they can be removed from the game and their spot in the batting order will be skipped without penalty.

·      If a runner attempting to reach home plate intentionally and maliciously runs into a defensive player, they will be called out and ejected from the game. If an offensive player is clearly going to be out at home, they must give themselves up or slide. Catchers must not block the plate without the ball and can be called for interference if it obstructs the runner’s path to the plate.

·      Stealing is allowed after the ball crosses the plate. No lead offs.

·      For the 9U division, runners on 3rd must be driven in. There are no home steals. 

4.    Pitching

·      Max 2 innings per game, no more than 6 innings per week.

·      No re-entry as a pitcher after removal.

·      A pitcher’s total number of pitches per outing should not exceed 65 pitches.

·      If a pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count limit while facing a batter, the pitcher can continue until the batter is on base or out.

·      1 Day Rest with 21-35 pitches thrown. 2 Days Rest with 36-50 pitches thrown. 3 Days rest with 51-65 pitches thrown.

5.    Scoring and Game Duration

·      Game durations are no new inning after 1 hour 15 minutes with a hard stop at 1 hour 30 minutes during weekdays, and no new inning after 1 hour 40 minutes on Saturdays. There is no hard stop on Saturdays.

·      Playoff Games will follow the same regular season game duration rules. Except for the Championship game. The championship game will be treated like a Saturday game. 

·      If the regular season game is tied after time limits, the game is recorded as a tie. Extra innings can be played within time limits.

·      If a playoff game is tied after the time limit, the game is played until there is a winner. Teams will go to a Texas tie breaker with the batter due to bat last that inning starting at 2nd base. 

·      The home team keeps the official score book and submits the score online. 

·      Maximum of 5 runs per inning.

6.    Standings and Playoffs

·      Standings will be kept during the regular Spring season.

·      Playoffs will be single elimination, with seeds based on standings. Tie breakers are: 1. Head-to-head results, 2. Total regular season runs against, 3. Total regular season runs scored.

Other Rules

·      Infield Fly Rule is not in effect.

·      Arriving players are placed at the bottom of the lineup and continue in the batting order.

·      Dugouts: Home team on the 1st base side, away team on the 3rd base side.

·      Batting practice is held before games, with the home team starting 1 hour before game time and the away team 30 minutes prior to game time.

·      Game balls: the home team supplies two game balls per game, the Away team supplies one. Balls are returned at the end of each game.



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