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The purpose of the JCB Advanced Baseball (AB) program is to provide advanced instruction to all players (5U to 18U) that have an abundant enthusiasm for the game of baseball with the opportunity to learn and compete at a higher level without the associated costs of “travel” program and without paid coaches. It is a competitive program, and each player is required to try out to participate. This program requires a higher level of commitment than our traditional recreational baseball at JCB from the players and their parents; but can potentially advance a player’s skills faster than traditional Rec participation.

Our advanced baseball program is designed to better prepare our kids to thrive in a competitive atmosphere while being treated valuably, fairly, and with encouragement and respect. We form teams in each age group during Fall and Spring rec seasons provided a qualified coach is in place; and our All-Star program takes over after the Spring season ends. In the summer Cal Ripken sponsored All-Star tournaments are the culmination of the advanced baseball programs. Depending on the number of participants and coaches available, we attempt to field two teams (Elite and Select teams) for each age group.

Selection Process

1)    Advanced baseball tryouts will be held at the same time as traditional recreational tryouts. As players check in at registration, they will be asked if they are interested in trying out for Advanced Baseball. Those who request it will be placed in the Advanced Baseball tryout. Those not interested will be placed in the recreational evaluation. Players must attend the tryout to be selected unless an injury/illness prevents attending a tryout and this will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Tryouts will be held in August or September for Fall; December or January for Spring; and March or April for summer All-Stars. The Rec commissioners and coaches will handle the Rec evaluation, while the Advanced Baseball coaching staff will handle the Advanced Baseball draft. 

2)    Advanced Baseball tryouts process will be utilizing 2 fields: 

a)     The Advanced Baseball group is timed in the 60-yard dash (2 Graders), while the Rec group will hit (4 Graders). Then Switch... 

b)    The Advanced Baseball group will field from Shortstop to 1st base, while the Rec group will catch fly balls and throw to 2nd base or 3rd base. Then Switch... 

c)     The Advanced and Recreational players interested in pitching or catching to be evaluated will participate in a four-man bullpen. There will need to be four Rec coaches to evaluate the Rec group; and four AB coaches to evaluate the AB group. 

d)    AB Director reserves the right to amend this process as needed to help a particular age group or division based on volunteers. 

3)    Each age group will communicate their respective times and dates of evaluations that will be communicated in a uniform manner, such as a virtual postcard. Mills evaluations will be for 5U – 8U and 13U – 18U. Durbin evaluations will be for 9U – 12U. 

4)    JCB will use an application (e.g., Team Genius) for evaluation of Advanced Baseball tryouts.

5)    For Advanced Baseball, different aged group coaches will grade tryouts (ex. 9U coaches for 10U players, and vice versa). There must be a minimum of 3 graders for an evaluation to be deemed official. For rec evaluations, all rec teams must have a minimum of one coach to attend evaluations to evaluate. 

6)    After the Elite team is picked each fall and spring, the Select team manager will be selected next if enough qualified players for a second team tried out at the same time. 

7)    7 players must be picked from the top 12 scored players from tryouts (including makeup tryouts). Other players are picked based on team needs, score of tryouts, and past performance in rec and advanced teams. After the Elite team is picked, the Select team must pick 7 of the from the next highest 12 scored players left from the tryout list. The other players for Select are also picked based on team needs, score of tryouts, and past performance in rec and advanced teams. A Select team may have 2-3 additional players practice with the team in a “practice squad” position that would not receive uniforms or eligibility for tournaments and games without an official promotion to the team should roster size permit. 

8)    Once a player is selected for the Elite team, he will have to confirm acceptance of the nomination to play for the team. Where the player wants to play for the Select team but has been chosen for the Elite team, the parents of the player may submit for a waiver to the Board. The Elite and Select Managers along with a Board review team (including an Officer, Player Agent, Advanced Baseball / All-Star Director, and Division Commissioner) will review and accept or deny the request. In case of a tie, the President will be the tiebreaker. A player does not have to accept either an Elite or Select nomination to participate in Rec. 

9)    9. Both 12U Elite and Select Advanced Baseball / All Star teams are eligible to attend Cooperstown and have tryouts in the Fall. In the Fall teams must select 10-12 players. These players are locked in for the remainder of the year as this event requires year-round fundraising. 



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