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1.    Player Rotation and Positioning:

·      Every player must participate on the field, alternating between infield and outfield at least once per game.

·      Positions include 1st base, 2nd base, shortstop, 3rd base, pitcher, and catcher, with additional players in the outfield.

·      Players should not repeat the same position within a game, except for 1st base.

·      For the 6U Division, the defensive team consists of 10 players; pitcher must keep one foot in the pitching circle until ball hit.

·      For the 6U Division, every player must sit out once before any player sits out twice; and so on…

2.    Coaching:

·      The offensive team coaching staff consists of a 1st base coach, 3rd base coach, a pitcher, and a coach for the batter. A team support person is recommended for dugout management.

·      For the 5U Division, 4-5 coaches/badged parents are required on the field, including at least 2 in the infield and 2-3 in the outfield during defense.

·      For the 6U Division, there are a maximum of 3 coaches on the field during defense.

3.    Batting and Running:

·      All batters rotate continuously through the lineup.

·      Runners can advance a maximum of one base on a 1st base overthrow.

5U Division Specific Rules:

·      Base runners may advance two bases if the ball is hit beyond the defenders or to the fence.

·      Players get five tee swings at the season's start, transitioning to 6U coach pitch rules after the 4th game.

6U Division Specific Rules:

·      Each player gets three coach pitches, then moves to the TEE if not put in play.

·      Ball must pass a 25-foot ARC to be fair when hit off the TEE; coach-pitched balls are fair once in territory.

·      Coach pitch starts at a minimum of 30 feet.

·      No stealing: base runners must remain on the base until the ball is hit.

·      Players can advance bases until play is called dead by calling time in the pitcher’s circle or calling time out DIRECTLY in front of the LEAD runner. If time is called in the pitcher’s circle, then runners must return or advance based on their position when called in conjunction with the “go back” line. If time is called in front of the lead runner, then any trailing runners may continue to advance until stopped by an occupied base. 

4.    Scoring and Game Duration:

·      Game durations are no new inning after 1 hour 15 minutes with a hard stop at 1 hour 30 minutes during weekdays, and no new inning after 1 hour 40 minutes on Saturdays. There is no hard stop on Saturdays.

·      Playoff Games will follow the same regular season game duration rules. Except for the Championship game. The championship game will be treated like a Saturday game. 

·      No umpires: base coaches make out calls.

5U Division Specific Rules:

·      No score or playoffs.

6U Division Specific Rules:

·      Scoring has a 5-run maximum per inning; scores must be entered online.

·      Games are official after 4 complete innings in case of rainout.

·      A minimum of 8 players are encouraged to start a game. Every effort should be made by both teams to ensure the game is completed including borrowing players defensively, etc. 

·      Every effort will be given to provide umpires for playoff games. 



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