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Helpful Tips

Below are a few other insider tips that former JCB Cooperstown team parents have shared.

Coaches Forms

JCB Cooperstown Managers are responsible for completing several coach/team forms. The “Team Roster” form must be filled out and submitted with second deposit. The “Coach and Umpire Apparel Form and Players Apparel” form must be filled out and submitted by March 1st. The “Coach Release Form and Resume” form is due by March 1st.

Coaches Forms -

Player Forms

There are several forms that parents need to completed and return to the JCB Cooperstown manager (e.g., Parental Authorization and Consent, Personal Health Insurance, Medical Sheet, and Health Examination).

The Personal Health Insurance Company form is completed, in part, by an Examining Physician/ Physician’s Assistant/Nurse Practitioner. Immunization information is required. Examination for some other purpose within this period is acceptable. Examination is for determining fitness to engage in strenuous activities. Make sure an examination is performed within 12 months of arrival at CASV.

As part of each player’s forms, parents need to include a copy of their player’s birth certificate. In the past, CASV has accepted general copies rather than an official state certified copy of the birth certificate. It is recommended that this procedure is checked each season. 

Player Forms -

Any questions regarding forms contact CASV at 1-800-327-6790, ext. 102 or email at [email protected].


Laundry service for uniforms is included with your registration fee.  All uniform pieces washed daily.  Coaches put all dirty uniforms in a bag and send it to the laundry at night.  It comes back ready for the next day. Coaches will label uniforms according to CASV directions.


There are bleachers/assigned seating areas for each field. It is advised to bring a bleacher chair.


The parking is at the front of the park and sits high above the playing fields and as the parents are walking in each day they have a view of all of CASV fields from one vantage point. 

Lots of Walking

Be prepared to walk a lot up and down steep graded hills; it’s not Florida.  Wear comfortable shoes!  The fields are spread out.  Grandparents can get a ride on a volunteer golf cart.  There are pick up benches throughout the park.


Cooperstown takes a team photo, and hundreds action shots at all of the games.  They will be available to view and purchase in their photo center. CASV has a photo package that includes all of your team’s photos on a thumb drive for families to share. The cost is based on the number of families participating. With 13 families participating, it is about $90 per family. But compared to the cost of individual prints, it is a bargain.

Watching Games Online

CASV offers family, friends, and fans the opportunity to watch baseball games on the web. The video and audio are clear and are a great way for your fans to watch and cheer you on.

Cell Phones

Cell phone coverage is good for some, and terrible for others.  Let your family and friends, back at home, know your phone may, or may not, work. This includes the use of your cellphone for map directions from CASV to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

Player Gift Bags

As a gift for the players hard work preparing for CASV, past JCB teams have assembled and distributed player gift bags prior to going to CASV. Below is a list of some items JCB parents have bought that could be included:

  • Team Pin Towel
  • Custom pillow case with team logo and number
  • Skittles Single Packs
  • Mini Sunblock
  • Sunflower Seeds Single Packs
  • Slim Jims, Small pack
  • Mini Frog Togs / Cool Towels
  • Air Heads Singles
  • Little Deodorant
  • Mini Bug Spray
  • M&Ms
  • Small bags of Chips
  • Rice Crispy Squares
  • Foam Baseballs
  • Eye Black
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Baseball Card Packets

Helpful Websites

 Recommended Restaurants (as of 2019)

  • Brooks House of BBQ (can easily accommodate team orders on a moment’s notice)
  • Pizzaland
  • Fly Creek Cider and Mill
  • Farmhouse at Emmons
  • Alfrescos Italian Bistro



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