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Q: What are the seasons that are available throughout the year?
A: JCB offers 2 recreational/advanced baseball seasons and 1 All-Star season in the Summer. The season year starts in Fall and end at Summer All Stars with the Spring season in between. For purposes of registration, the Fall season is considered the start of the next year.

Q: How do I determine which league to sign up my child?
A: The JCB/Cal Ripken league age cut-off date is April 30. The age your child is on April 30th is your child's official league age. During registration, please make sure you enter the correct date of birth. Many errors have been made in the past due to an incorrect date of birth entry. Errors will only delay the draft process and may result in having your player waitlisted if they are placed in the wrong division due to league age error and no additional roster spots being available.

Q: My child has never played before, and I am concerned that the age division may be too advanced.
A: Our age divisions are suited for all skill levels, and our coaches are experienced to help players develop at their own pace. If there is a specific concern, please contact our Player Agent. Each parent request will be evaluated by JCB Board members on a case-by-case basis. A complete list of our staff directory is available on our Board of Directors page.

Q: How do I update registration information?
A: Please refer to this page on how to make updates to your account including Registration Information.

Q:What is the refund policy for Registration?
  • Prior to Registration Close: 100% refund is given
  • After Registration Close but Prior to Player Draft: 90% refund is given
  • After Player Draft: Refund only provided through the SecureFee Plus Insurance purchased during Registration
Q:How do I request a refund?
A: Please send an email to [email protected] prior to the Player Draft with your Players Name, Division, and reason for refund.


Q: Does my child have to try out for recreational teams?
A: While not mandatory it is strongly recommended that all players are evaluated at the beginning of the season. These evaluations include a short skills assessment of hitting, running, and fielding. This process is to aid the coaches during the draft process and to help increase a competitive balance of teams.

Q: Does my child have to try out for Diamond Kings advanced teams?
A: Evaluations are mandatory for Diamond Kings advanced teams.

Q: What does my child need to bring to the evaluations?
A: Please have your child dressed in baseball pants or comfortable athletic pants and cleats or comfortable shoes. You should bring a glove, bat and baseball helmet. Extras may be on hand to use and you may want to discuss baseball equipment with the coaches at the evaluations. Please make sure your child arrives at evaluations at least 15 minutes early to warm up.

Player Draft

Q: What is the draft? Does my child or I have to attend?
A: The player draft is when coaches select their team’s players. ONLY coaches and league officials may attend the draft. The drafts typically take place the week following the completion of all age group player evaluations.

Q: How are teams formed during the draft process?
A: Coaches will draft players in a process mutually agreed upon by the Player Agent and League Commissioner, typically a snake (or "S") draft.


Q: When will my child need to wear a batting helmet and/or does the league provide helmets?
A: Any offensive player in the on-deck circle, coaching the bases, batting, or running the bases MUST wear a helmet with ear flaps. The helmet must fit snugly and completely cover the player ears. It is optional for any defensive player, except for the catcher, to wear a helmet. Your child will need to provide their own batting helmet.

Q: What if my child wants to catch? Will additional equipment be required or supplied?
A: A catcher's helmet with a face-guard must be worn; the helmet and face-guard must fit snugly and completely covers the player’s ears. The catcher must wear knee and shin guards that completely cover the catcher's knee cap and the front part of the ankles. A catcher's chest protector with a drop down clap that is designed to protect the groin area must also be worn. For male catchers, an athletic supporter and cup are required. A catcher's mitt is recommended but is not required. All required catcher’s gear will be provided by JCB, with the exception of the athletic supporter and cup. Players are allowed to bring their own catcher's gear, providing it meets the league's specifications.

 Q: What other equipment does my child need?
A: In addition to a batting helmet, your child will need to provide their own bat, glove, cleats and athletic supporters. Cups are encouraged for all boys and required for any child wishing to catch. Batting gloves and slider pants are also recommended. JCB provides all practice and game baseballs and catcher's equipment for each team. NO METAL CLEATS are allowed in Cal Ripken leagues (ages 5-12).

Q: What does a player’s uniform include?
A: Players will receive a full team uniform, including a jersey, cap, pants, and belt.

Q: What size bats are allowed?
A: The Cal Ripken Division of Babe Ruth League, Inc. have approved the use of the 2 5/8 inch barrel bats for local league play and tournament play beginning in January 2018 and coinciding with the new USA Bat standard. All new bats that bear the USA Bat licensing mark will be permissible for play at JCB. For further information, please Click Here


Q: When do practices start? How many practices are there per week?
A: Practices start for the spring recreational baseball season in early February and in early September for the fall recreational baseball season. Typically, there are two practices per week, one weeknight (Monday - Thursday) and 1 weekend slot (Saturday) will be provided to each team. Recreational practices are not scheduled on Friday or Sunday, as the fields are reserved for Advanced Ball and All-Star teams. Practices are scheduled by each League Commissioner and are provided to the coach after the player draft. Practices are usually 1.5 to 2 hours long and start around 5:30 pm or 7 pm  during weeknights. We take into consideration school schedules and holidays when scheduling practices.

Q: When will games start? How many games will we play?
A: Spring recreational baseball season games begin in early March, and in mid to late September for the fall recreational baseball season. We try to schedule 10 to 12 regular season games for each team, but weather may affect the actual number of games played per season. We strive for a season to never be less than 10 regular season games. At the end of the spring recreational regular season, all divisions, except T-Ball 5U, have a post-season playoff tournament.  The fall recreational season does not have a post-season playoff tournament.

As with the practice schedule, typically, there will be one or two games per week, one weeknight game (Monday - Thursday) and 1 weekend slot (Saturday). There usually are not any rec games scheduled on Friday or Sunday for recreational baseball, and the fields are reserved for Advanced Ball and All-Stars.  Games are scheduled by the League Commissioner and are provided by your coach.  Games are usually scheduled around 5:30 pm or 7 pm during the weeknights and usually are up to two hours long. Game schedules also take into consideration school schedules and holidays. Due to the number of factors that go into team game schedules (regular season practices, number of teams, school and holiday schedules, etc.) season schedules are usually not available until a few weeks before the season begins.

 Q: At what age will it be kid pitch? Machine pitch?
A: Our Rookie division (ages 7U & 8U) uses a sling machine pitch. Kid pitch begins in our Minor Leagues (ages 9U & 10U).

Q: What are the game rules?
A: JCB follows Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball rules. The JCB Local Rules are posted on our Rules section.

Advanced Baseball

Q: What is AB and how does it differ from All-Stars?

A: Advanced Baseball (AB) is a program that offers players that have a higher skill level the opportunity to play more competitive baseball. The AB program exists as an extension of our recreational program and schedules activities to co-exist with the recreational team schedules. We offer a spring and fall AB program. There is typically an additional cost associated with participation in order to cover uniform costs and umpire fees. Participants in the AB program are NOT required to participate with a recreational team during the fall season but do need to participate with a recreational team during the spring season in order to compete in the District tournament. Typically JCB offers two AB teams per division (an A & B team) but this is dependent upon the availability of coaches and the number of skilled players registered in the division.

The JCB All-Star program is a summer baseball program occurring after the spring recreational season ends. As with our AB program, there is typically an A and B All-Star team for each division. For those players that are selected for an All-Star team, there are additional expenses for participating in the All-Star program including travel expenses, tournament & umpires fees, and uniform costs, however, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities can help each team keep the program affordable for our families.


Q: Is the JCB League a non-profit organization?
A: Julington Creek Baseball is a 501c3, tax exempt, non-profit, charitable organization and a proud member of the Creeks Athletic Association (CAA).

Q: Where does JCB get its funding?
A: JCB funding is solely through registration fees, public contributions, team sponsors, and league sponsorship donations.

 Q: I want to be a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Dugout Parent/Team Manager. How do I volunteer?
A: You can indicate your desire to volunteer when filling out your child's registration.


Q: How do I know what size uniform to order?
A: Please refer to the sizing chart below:
Q: How can I change my player uniform sizes?
A: Please refer to this page on how to make updates to Registration Information.



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