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  1. 10 players on defense (1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, P, C, LF, LC, RF, RC).  Must rotate every position every inning and everyone must play infield AND outfield at least once game by the 4th inning.  Pitcher MUST keep at least one foot inside the pitching circle until the ball is hit.   ONLY 3 coaches are allowed on the field while team is on the defensive side, unless one is needed as assisting catcher. 
  2. Players cannot sit twice until everyone has sat at least once per game. 
  3. Each player will get 3 pitches and then be moved to the TEE.  If player misses on 3rd swing from coach (if foul he/she can get another pitch).  Player then gets one swing on TEE and if misses he/she is out.   If ball goes foul or in ARC he/she can swing a total of 2 times on TEE before he/she is out.   The coach also has option to use TEE only but same rules with 3 strikes or out (unless foul up to total of 4 swings).   Please do not exceed 4 coaches for batting team.    Base coaches, coach pitching & 1 additional to help with tee and bats. 
  4. When hit off TEE, ball must go past the 25 foot ARC to be fair as long as a defender does not touch the ball.  When hit off coach pitch, ball is fair once in fair territory (no ARC used).   
  5. Coach pitch will occur at the 30 foot mark at a min up to the pitching rubber each inning.
  6. Score is kept with 5 run max per inning.  Scorebook is not required until the Spring season, however the scores are to be reported to coach coordinator.  Inning is declared over after the 3rd out each inning or 5 runs is scored. 
  7. Games will be six inning max or no new inning after 1 hour 30 mins.    A game is considered over if other team is leading by more than 10 runs after 4 innings.   1 hour 30 minute games, during week and 1 hour 45 minutes on Saturday. 
  8. Stealing is not permitted and all base runners must remain in contact with the base until the ball is hit. 
  9. Players can advance as many bases as possible, until the play is called dead by infielder possessing the ball (in fair territory) and calling time.  A ball in the outfield must be exchanged to infielder to call time.   If runner is past the HALF WAY mark when timeout is called he/she can proceed to the next base.  All outs at first base must be thrown by a fielder, with the exception of 1st baseman who can touch 1st or tag runner in baseline.   
  10. Game is official if 4 complete innings occur before a rainout. 
  11. Game can be played with a min of 8 players.  Only exception is an injury during game if started with a min of 8 players


Updated: September, 2018



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