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1. Defense will consist of 4 outfielders, normal infield with pitcher on either side of pitcher’s mound, 1 foot in the pitching mound area, for a total of 10 defensive players. Catcher will need to be in full gear. A protective cup is required for all players.

2. Teams must use a continuous batting order in all games including tournament games.

3. There is no limit on bunting. No fake bunting. A player who squares around to bunt then pulls back and swings at the pitch will be called out.

4. Sling machine pitching machine @ 43MPH (Setting 10 on Sling). Five (5) pitches or 3rd strike whichever comes first. If a player fouls the fifth pitch or the third strike, the batter can continue batting until the fifth pitch is reached or strike 3 is recorded. Only 3 balls used during the game. The catcher should throw each pitch back to the mound.

5. Coaches on field:

Offense – Total of four coaches. A first base coach, a third base coach, one pitching
machine coach and one coach behind home plate.

Defense – Total of two coaches. One coach can stand outside the left field foul line and
one coach can stand outside the right field foul lines. These coaches must also stand beyond the infield clay area.

6. Game duration:

  • Six (6) innings.
  • No new inning shall start after 1 hour and 30 minutes for weekday games and 1 hour and 50 minutes for weekend games.
  • If the regular season game is tied after time limits have expired, the game will be recorded as a tie. (Extra innings can be played within time limits).
  • All Tournament games will be 1 hour and 50 minutes regardless of the day. If a tournament game is tied after the time limit has expired, the game will be played until there is a winner.

7. Standings will be kept. Home team has the official score book.

8. Five runs max per inning. Ten run rule will apply after four innings. Inning is over after three outs or five runs are scored. Game is over if the visiting team is up by more than five runs after the top of the sixth inning.

9. No stealing

10. Call Ripken rules (page 19) state, "If a runner attempting to reach home plate intentionally and maliciously runs into a defensive player in the area of home plate, he will be called out on the play and ejected from the game. The objective of this rule is to penalize the offensive team for deliberate, unwarranted, unsportsmanlike action by the runner for the obvious purpose of crashing the defensive player, rather than trying to reach home plate. Obviously this is an umpire's judgement call." JCB further adds, “If an offensive player is clearly going to be out at home, he must give himself up or slide.”

11. Overthrows: Runners may advance on overthrows. Two bases awarded a runner on balls going out of play (Runner is awarded the base he was running toward when the ball was thrown plus one additional base). Runners may continue to advance if an overthrown ball stays in play. Play ends when the ball is controlled by an infielder player in fair territory and in front of the lead runner and the infielder player calls time out, or when the ball is controlled by the pitcher within the pitchers circle and the pitcher calls timeout.The pitcher must be in the circle for time to be called.   If a player is running to another base when time is called, the runner can be awarded the base if the runner is passed at least 50% the distance between bases. Runners must be in the act of running toward a base; however, making a turn and stopping does not constitute running toward a base.

12. A player must play a minimum of two positions (one infield, one outfield) per game to help encourage IF and OF play. This should occur within the first 4 innings of the game. Catcher is considered an infield position. No limit on players playing the same position during a game.

13. No player shall sit two times before every player sits once unless this is for disciplinary reasons, which will be fair across the board.

14. If a player who appears in the lineup is injured or becomes ill during the course of the game and the player can no longer continue to play, the player will be taken out of the game, removed from the line up and the player’s spot in the batting order will be
“skipped” without penalty. The player may only re-enter the game with the approval of
the opposing manager and must be placed in the same position in the batting order.

15. There is NO infield fly rule at this age.

16. Managers are responsible for adhering to above rules. Violation of JCB rules could result in disciplinary action including game suspension and forfeiture of game.

Special Note: Managers will be held accountable for their personal conduct, the conduct
of their team, their player’s parents, relatives, and friends.



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