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JCB Sports Clinic

The health and wellness of JCB players is important to the JCB Board, its Commissioners, Team Managers/Coaches, and Parents/family members. JCB has pioneered a unique opportunity to gain important sports health knowledge for its players, coaches, and parents.  Dave Alberts, JCB Majors Commissioner, and the JCB Board organized a JCB Sports Clinic with The Center for Health and Sports Medicine (located at 201 Village Oaks Drive, St. Johns, FL 32259 (behind the PDF on San Jose Blvd)). The 30-minute JCB Sports Clinic, mandatory for all JCB recreational and advanced baseball teams, provided beneficial health and wellness information within the framework of baseball. 

Scott Marberry, MD, CAQSM, from The Center volunteered their valuable time to present and discuss a variety of topics:

  • Prevention and recognition of throwing injuries
  • Sports nutrition and hydration
  • Stretching and recovery
  • Skill and strength training
  • Concussions / Basic injury first aid
  • Q&A session

JCB Board has encouraged coaches to inform their players and parents of this useful health and wellness information. 

As the premier northeast Florida recreational baseball organization, JCB has unmatched dedication to our players, coaches and families.

The Center for Health and Wellness Services

Services provided by The Center for Health & Sports Medicine.

  • Exercise prescription
  • Throwing mechanics evaluation
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal therapy
  • X-ray, diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound
  • Sports physicals
  • Non-surgical orthopedics
  • Concussion management
  • Tendinitis treatment
  • Shoulder impingement treatment
  • Muscle sprain
  • Ligamentous strains
  • Prescription medication management
  • Fracture management
  • Custom-fit orthoses

CPR Posters


JCB Sports Clinic Flyer

Kids and Nutrition

Nutrition knowledge is as critical to a young athlete's mental health as it is to their physical growth.