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By Webmaster, 02/25/18, 12:15PM EST


Field of Dreams is a specially designed baseball field that will allow mentally or physically handicap kids the opportunity to play baseball. To wear a uniform and play as a member of a team. A place where all our areas exceptional kids can meet on the field and play ball. What kid does not want to hear the cheering of the crowd? What kid does not want to receive a trophy? And what kid does not want the opportunity to play Americas favorite sport? At the Field of Dreams they will and can thanks to the numerous volunteers such as Julington Creek Baseball.  Julington Creek teams from 11U to 15U volunteered as “Buddies” on February 24th to make memories for all the Field of Dreams kids and families.  Without the Buddies, Field of Dreams couldn’t exist.  That’s why we hope all our JCB kids come out next year to make new memories for these exceptional kids.