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Value Beyond the Registration Fee

By Dugout Chatter, 10/16/19, 12:30PM EDT


This month, current and former JCB Advance Baseball coaches held a variety of clinics for JCB recreational and advanced baseball players.

In the Minors Division at Durbin Fields, JCB Board members Mark Harvey (President) and Brandon Bascelli (Treasurer), and Howard Flaschen (Minors Commissioner) organized and held a pitching and catching techniques and fundamentals clinic. Assisting these JCB members were local high school pitchers, many of whom graduated from the JCB ranks, who volunteered their time. Over 25 recreational baseball players from the 9u and 10u Minor League Division spent two hours getting hands-on exposure in an environment that allowed them to focus on some specialized skills that are often challenging to teach during a fast-moving recreational baseball season.

Each week in the Majors Division Matt Miller leads conditioning and advanced baseball (AB) clinics with the help of the other Majors Division AB managers/coaches. Drills include methods to play groundball hops, catching a fly ball in foul territory within inches of the fence, digging out bounced balls thrown to first base, catcher’s drop and block, and so much more. The weekly clinics have been very well attended by multiple Minors and Majors division AB players. Coach Miller says, “We work our players very hard and they leave practice exhausted, but with a smile on their face.”

Babe Ruth has also been providing JCB 13U players with advance training to strengthen the mental part of the game. Doug Grimaldi, JCB 13U AB manager, recently took time out of practice to have a discussion with the AB players about attitude and mental strengthening. Coach Grimaldi told the players, “Body language before, during and after games and practices is an important part of the game to your teammates and the opposing team.” In addition, Coach Grimaldi, along with Coach Tim Burke, used a dry erase board in a school-like format to show different baseball strategies.

JCB is committed to a well-supported recreational baseball league where local families can feel comfortable knowing that their kids are not only going to be able to have fun playing baseball but also be given opportunities to get better and grow.

JCB is proud to have one of the largest and longest-tenured leagues in northeast Florida and our commitment to the local baseball community means making sure that JCB is not simply measured by trophies but also the number of families that choose JCB to be their children's choice of sport and trust in us that we have every intention of exceeding expectations. We look forward to having more clinics for our kids and we look forward to being the place that your family's baseball league of choice.