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Zubaz Baseball Pants for Fall 2019

By Thomas Phoolery, 03/31/19, 10:45PM EDT


New baseball pants for JCB in Fall 2019

PRESS RELEASE - APRIL 1, 2019 – Julington Creek Baseball Board is announcing a new style of baseball pant for the fall 2019 season. JCB will be outfitting all players with new cotton Zubaz baseball pants (see photos). These colorful stylish pants, made of breathable cotton, will be an improvement over the current polyester athletic apparel. JCB Majors Commissioner, Dave Alberts, said, “We are very happy that our players will have breathable athletic apparel to help slow any dehydration during those early games in Sept.” Samples will be sent to JCB to help parents decide on the right size for their player.

In other news, JCB will also be mimicking a resurging MLB trend by purchasing baseball-shaped carts to escort relief pitchers from the bullpen to the mound (see MLB examples). A bullpen cart will be stationed on each field at Durbin to transport our 9-12 year old players to the mound like the good ole days. No walking for them.

Have a great week and Happy April Fool’s Day!!!


Zubaz Baseball Pants and Bullpen Carts