An Important and MUST read Message to JCB Parents.

Straight to the point, we have a chronic shortage of volunteers to help with Julington Creek Baseball. We need to make a sound case for your support. Not for your money but simply for your time. 

Here Are Some Facts...

  • JCB accommodates approximately 1,700 children in baseball. That is as big as a high school. 
  • Coaches, commissioners, board members, coordinators and a scarce few volunteers are making substantial sacrifices to provide a safe and developing environment for our and your children. 
  • Far too few parents are trying to handle the workload and dedication required to provide our kids the thrill of playing baseball in a safe environment. 
  • These too few volunteers often are burnt out attempting to handle an increasing workload. Some leave or cannot meet the responsibilities they so graciously stepped forward to achieve. 
  • In turn, we lose valued people and JCB suffers. Tasks are not completed on time, some not properly or at all and the quality of our baseball offering is less than optimal. 
  • Oddly enough, some in the community not lending their time, openly complain about the lack of preparedness and quality of athletic offering. They do this when they can make the difference. 
  • Most families have one or two parents working, have other commitments and face the pressure of demands on their time. The point is that everybody is busy with life’s challenges & demands. 
  • Bringing forward a quality athletic offering is not an easy task. It takes the dedicated support of our entire community, not just the toil of a few. 
  • Our volunteers are not paid; they do not get stock options, medical benefits or free services from our local businesses. They sometimes do not hear a "thank you" for the family sacrifices they make. 
  • Without more volunteers, what is likely to happen is simple: 
    • The volunteers involved will cease to give due to over burdening. 
    • The quality of the program will start to decline, deadlines not met, services not provided. 
    • The league will be forced to out source functions just to get tasks completed. 
    • The cost to enroll & support your child will increase markedly as a direct result 
    • The community will complain about costs driving some families away. 
    • We will loose talent and sense of community. 
    • The kids will ultimately suffer first, the parents second. 

The Solution is YOU and not the parent sitting next to you.

We have structured our volunteer program with coordinators that will support & oversee only their specific tasks. Each volunteer will have detailed and defined tasks to complete within that coordinator’s program. With more volunteers, the commitment by each person will be lighter. 

Reconsider: Please think about the benefit to your child when you step out of the stands or bleachers and actually get involved. We need help now and you, not the ‘other’ family, are the key. Ask us about our volunteer program for this season. 

JCB Volunteer Role 

To volunteer for one of the following positions, please contact our VP Mark Harvey:

  • Commissioners 
  • Board Members 
  • Team Managers 
  • Team Coaches 
  • Concessions Help 
  • Sponsors for Teams 
  • Sponsors for Field Banners 
  • Player Tryout Support 
  • Player Tryout Judging 
  • Opening Day functions and support 
  • AED & CPR Qualifications and Support 
  • Youth Umpiring 
  • Team Moms or Dads 
  • Assistant with Field Preparations

Remember without YOU there is no US. 


JCB Volunteer Forms & Guidelines

JCB Volunteer Required Badges

Badges & Background ChecksALL JCB Team Managers, Coaches, Assistants, Trainers and Parents that will be working with the children must be on the league approved roster, nust have submitted a Background Check and are required to have a current St Johns County Badge. Badges expire each year on July 31st!  If you are new, you MUST submit your Background Check and photo BEFORE you can receive your current badge.  New volunteers can submit their paperwork at anytime, but badges cannot be released until the JCB league approved volunteer roster has been submitted.


For more information about the county's Child Safety Policy For Youth Sports Participants, you may download and review the attached PDF. If you have any questions or issues with obtaining a badge.


More information is available on our Badges & Background Checks Web page >>Click Here


JCB FAQsQuestions

Most questions are found in our Frequently Asked Questions Webpage. You may also contact JCB's VP Mark Harvey at with any additional questions or concerns about Julington Creek Baseball.